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The 5 W's

Who, What, When, Where & Why

Who Am I ?

I am a mother of 2 boys, a wife, a daughter, & a native of Wilmington, NC. I have been a photographer for 10+ years, I have grown and learned alot over the past decade but what stands out the most is that I hope to never stop learning & developing my talents as a photographer...

I specialize in Newborns from 5-14 days new, using natural lighting as much as possible.

What is Natural Light Photography ?

aka on location photography is truely an art form and it uses the available sunlight to create and capture an amazing portrait,

Where can we go ... ?

I have a studio set up in my home in the large space over my garage, but I can also come to your home, favorite park, or a field of wild flowers that you drive by everyday to and from work.

When is the best time for Natural Light/ on location portraits ?

The best time to do outside portraits is late in the afternoon other wise known as dusk, times depends on what time of year we are in. For instance Christmas times are usually anywhere between 3pm-6pm depending upon the location.

Why choose me ?

I am experienced and I take my time. I am great with kids of all ages, getting them to sit still and keep there attention just long enough to get that perfect shot. I love my job, I take pride in it and it never feels like work. Customer Service is very important to me, i treat every customer the way that I would want to be treated.